Kelly Services, Inc.
Guest Wireless and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Please read carefully.

Kelly Services as part of doing business has created a Guest Wireless Internet Service for contractors and other business clients that require internet access. The following rules and conditions apply to all individuals who use the Kelly Guest Wireless Network (GWLAN).

GWLAN access is intended for business purposes only; personal uses of these communications tolls are permissible only within reasonable limits and at the sole discretion of Kelly Service management. Kelly Services reserves the right to monitor and or log any and all aspects of communication via the GWLAN and itís supplied Internet access. Kelly Services reserves the right to terminate access to the GWLAN with out notice. Accordingly users of the Kelly Services GWLAN will not be afforded or guaranteed privacy when communicating via e-mail and or the internet.

All records of GWLAN use are property of Kelly Services; these records will only be transmitted to individuals who need them for business purposes. Communication via the GWLAN should be considered insecure and users should exercise the same best practices taken when using any other public Internet connection. Kelly Services offers this access with no warranty or guarantee of service, privacy, uptime or security. Individuals utilizing the Kelly Services GWLAN will not hold Kelly Services responsible for any failure of any hardware or software, loss of data, or disclosure of information.

I, therefore, hereby agree to:
  • Accept all risk associated with using the Kelly Services GWLAN, including but not limited to transmitting data over the Internet.
  • Be responsible for maintaining data and password integrity and be held accountable for all actions performed with my assigned User ID and Password. I will not share my password with others.
  • Not hold Kelly Services liable for any data theft, loss, disclosure or destruction.
  • Not hold Kelly Services liable for any damage to any hardware or software device that I connect to the Kelly Services GWLAN service.
  • Expect no level or privacy in relation to data transmitted and or received via the GWLAN.
  • Comply with software licensing agreements and applicable laws including, but not limited to copyright and trademark. Unauthorized duplication (i.e., copying, pirating or downloading) of licensed software and documentation is prohibited.
  • Ensure that appropriate virus protection and detection software is loaded and working properly.
  • Not download any software or excessive amounts of data via the internet except for required software patches.
  • Not use the Internet for any inappropriate purpose including, but not limited to: illegal activity, disrupting other network users or services, entering other computer systems or databases without authorization transmitting or viewing pornographic / adult oriented content, purchase items via the internet.

    I understand that Kelly reserves the right to cancel or modify this Agreement or related policies, in its sole discretion, at any time. The Chairman/CEO, President/COO, or the Executive Vice President of Human Resources must approve revisions.

    I have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of Kellyís Guest wireless and Internet acceptable use policy